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Have had a few repairs on my cars, transmission, power steering, electrical, and they are excellent at what they do, its hard finding a place you can trust and price wise. Thanks Luis and Nick

Salvatore M.

August, 2017 Local

Customer service was extremely professional. Everything was explained to me even to the smallest detail. I will be definitely coming back.

Sincerely Mr. Cano

Mr. Cano

July, 2016 Local

Before I came to Aamco of Upland. I was given two different quotes concerning my transmission and what the problem was from two different independent BMW specialist. needless to say I was a little concerned. Nick and Lewis explained to me exactly what happened in my transmission, how much it was going to cost, and how long it would take to fix. I must admit they kept their word about everything. There were no hidden cost, no extra parts needed, and the car was finished before they anticipated. the service I received from the front office to the garage was outstanding! I would recommend Aamco of Upland to family and friends without hesitating. If you have any transmission problems, or any other mechanical needs trust me, take your car to Aamco of Upland Total Care you will be happy with the service.

Thank you Aamco of Upland..

Chris C.

June, 2016 Local

Wow... Louis from AAMCO saved the day again... This guy is truly a customer service oriented person... My alternator gave out on me on Benson ave and he and his mechanic left their job site to come jump me to get me to the shop... I did not have to get a tow... Then they found a issue with my window and without any extra charge they took care of my oil change... This place is amazing... I trust Louis 110 percent!!! Thank you Louis and AAMCO!!!

Joshua O.

May, 2016 Local

The service was excellent. Luis was extremely helpful. Most importantly, my car runs great!

Damon W.

May, 2016 Local


Clarence N.

April, 2016 Local

I wanted to take the time to write a review on the wonderful service I received from this AAMCO location. My 2007 Honda CRV was making a funny noise, and it wasn't running very good. I was itching for a new car, but I wanted to take it in for a free quote to see what was wrong and how much it would cost me to get my car fixed. If it was going to be a lot I was planning on getting a new car.

I met Luis at the front counter and Nick the owner. While my car was getting checked out, I was already looking at dealerships! I ALMOST signed papers for a new car, but I'm glad I waited to find out what was wrong with the car before making a decision.

Luis said NOTHING major was wrong with my car just maintenance (shocks, alignment) I wanted to so badly for my car to be falling apart but nothing was wrong!!. I decided to just fix the car and invest a little more time before getting rid of it. I love my car now, it runs great, doesn't make that noise anymore and I found my new mechanics! I am very satisfied with the service and people working here. They are honest, easygoing and fair.

Thanks Luis and Nick for talking me into not having car payments again, small investment to make because I really do like my car. gave it a nice wash and its good for a little while longer.

Barbara L.

March, 2016 Local

They were very friendly and took good care of our car. We went in once to have our transmission looked at and went back again to have our brakes replaced. Will definitely go back again.

Ashley G.

March, 2016 Local

Aamco in Upland, were the best. They helped my poor car into being drivable again. They explained what was wrong with the car and what they were going to do to fix the problem. Kudos to the Aamco team in Upland!!

Elizabeth B.

March, 2016 Local

The AAMCO does good work, are service-oriented, and confirm with you any work to be completed prior to completing it. The owner, Nick, is very cordial and wants your business. It is a very clean shop and very active. They do full-service now. I have had two transmissions rebuilt, a brake job, coolant system replacement, on both a Ford and a Honda. Both perform nicely.


March, 2016 Local

Staff is very friendly & works with you on payment plans. Trustworthy! I will gladly refer anyone who needs transmission work or anything else!

Pamela L.

March, 2016 Local

I called AAMCO, Luis after taking my truck to another shop Sat 2.6.16, this shop put in wrong part so that the CHECK GUAGE and Oil Pressure Needle on Dash no longer worked, telling me maybe if you drive it it will work. Gave me the old part. I got home and called Luis, he stated to bring the truck in they would get me in and fix the truck. While they had it on the rack I asked if they could check the battery it didn't seem to be charging, I had already put distilled water in 2 times and its only 2 yrs old of a 5 yr interstate. Checking this found that the battery was a CAR BATTERY NOT TRUCK. not even the right size. so requested they change it what the Truck requires, they did. the 2000 Ford Ranger XLT runs like new again. Thanks to their tech/mechanics expertise. Thanks to Luis for getting me in right away the problem with the Guage/Needle was fixed. These are now working very well. THANK YOU. AAMCO-Upland will see my Truck many more times including the up coming Smog Check.

Sharon C.

February, 2016 Local

It was a really excellent experience, the warm reception, the professional procedures and the complete explanation of problem and possibilities of repair.

Almoataz A.

February, 2016 Local

Louis is fantastic. He is honest, and straight to the point. I walked in stressed, by the time I left, I felt lots better. If you want a great place to get your car repaired, this is the place.

Marie P.

January, 2016 Local

Customer service was great, I would recommend to family and friends. Honest staff and quality work.

Christy V.

January, 2016 Local

Excellent service under new management. Clean, timely, professional, and most of all, no surprise additional repairs needed. Thank you Nick.

Ziad R.

January, 2016 Local

I had been having some issues with my Ford Fusion for a while but had been putting it off because my mechanic retired. I tried a few places around Upland and they all wanted to much money and did not seem to care about my issues and my car, I was just another number.

I called AAMCO because my dad said they have always been good to him. We met Nick the owner and right away his customer service skills won us over!! After that, when we needed a part for the car, he called around looking for the best price and found one that could not be beat (believe me, I called around myself at home too)! His team fixed our car and we could not be happier!!

The next week our other car was having issues so we took it to AAMCO and Nick even remembered our names!! If I have to tell you anything it would be GO TO AAMCO IF YOUR HAVING TROUBLE WITH YOU CAR IT IS WONDERFUL!!!

Jason K.

September, 2015 Local

Just got my car back today. Shaun is a great customer service representative for AAMCO. He explained the issue why my transmission went kaput. Turns out it would have went belly up due to the great engineering by Ford. :-(

Wow, does it shift better on my ride home!

Remember peoples, parts are only as good as the company that supplies them to Shaun. You can't see inside a torque converter. Shaun guarantees his work and though it would be another inconvenience to me, Shaun would back his work and the work of his employees.

And another thing, Shaun was specifically recommended to me by my neighbor whose had several transmission jobs performed by this particular AAMCO. There were other AAMCOs closer to me but I went with Shaun.

Thank you, Shaun, for getting me back on the road!

I'm taking my other car service needs to this AAMCO!

Anthony F.

September, 2015 Local

I just had my Mazda 3 fixed here. The first place I took it couldn't fix it because they don't fix transmissions but they recommended AAMCO so I checked reviews and this place had great reviews. Now I know why!! I had my engine light and an AT light come on. I had it towed from once mechanic to AAMCO and they were so accommodating!! I couldn't meet the tow truck there because I had no ride but they said they would start working on it to see what the problem was. They were in constant contact with me. Shawn was awesome! He told me everything he was doing and even got the computer from Mazda right away!! I got my car in one day and the price was very reasonable!! I seriously recommend this place! The customer service was amazing and my car runs like its brand new and it's an '05!!

Jana M.

August, 2015 Local

Shaun and his team are amazing. Came in at the last minute, researched and fixed my car so I could drive safely all without over charging or making me feel like I was being taken advantage of. Great place, the only place I'll bring my repairs..

Shawna V.

October, 2014 Local

Wow, what an phenomenal experience!!! Took my car there for a transmission rebuild. I was a little nervous, since I normally deal with the dealer for repairs. However, my fears subsided when I spoke to Shawn.

He was extremely professionally and constantly kept me informed on what was going on with my car. Since, I didn't have my car for a few days, he made the rental car process easy and painless.

Let me say that I use to take my Mercedes slk55 amg to the Mercedes dealer and thought that they gave great service. However, the service by Shawn and his staff with my Honda Odyssey far exceeds what I had ever gotten from both the Mercedes dealer and the Honda dealer. This place is top notch, and you can feel comfortable knowing that your car is in good hands. I would give 10 stars if I could!!!!

Miko C.

May, 2014 Local

I've taken our vehicles here for the past year and I don't believe I've ever had a better experience at a mechanic than I have with Shaun at AAMCO. He and his staff are always professional and honest.
As consumers, we are always looking for an honest mechanic that won't take advantage of you. I can assure you that if you choose these guys, you won't have to look any further!
I'm sad to be leaving the area because it means we'll have to find a new mechanic.

Lucas E.

April, 2014 Local

I went to 6 different shops and out of all of them this shop was the best. They definitely guarantee to beat any other competitors price. They are fast and have amazing customer service. Thank you for your help I recommend it to everyone.

Jessica C.

February, 2014 Local

I went in thinking my motor and/or transmission was done and Shaun had my car looked at and it only needed my transmission serviced. Great job!

Veronica B.

January, 2014 Local

I took my car in today May 6,2013, to get serviced.
As soon as I walked in I was greeted by the man upfront, Lee.
He asked me what problems I was having with my car and he said he would personally check himself to see what was wrong.
He went on a test drive with my car and found exactly what was wrong and gave me options to fix it.
He was very helpful and genuine in regards to my car concerns. He did not try to get me to "fix other problems my car may be having" like other auto shops normally try to do.
I went in without an appointment and it took my car only 2 hours to get worked on.
Very pleased with my service!
I will be coming back again.

Nicole R.

May, 2013 Local

What a great Family owned Aamco, Shaun is the manager here and he knows what he's talking about and doesn't try and make you feel pressured into doing any unnecessary repairs. I went here for a transmission oil and filter change, and got the best deal in the Inland empire, they did it in a very timely manner. my car now runs better after the oil change. Shaun even scanned my car for codes for free and we talked about some minor repairs I needed and I will be taking my car back soon to him because I know I'm in good hands. Overall a great experience at this local Aamco, very fast friendly and most important quality repairs. Give Shaun a call

Pedro C.

April, 2013 Local

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very clean front office area and very reasonable price for the services. Answered all my questions and even squeezed me in on a busy Saturday for my transmission service. Although the area doesn't have too much around to kill time, they have a waiting room with tv and magazines.

Casey W.

February, 2013 Local

Another trip back to AAMCO. Every time I go in, it is a pleasant experience. I have never had an issue with work or price. These guys have always been fair price and faster than most with return. I had a blown head gasket, had to get the sent out to be resurfaced, all spark plugs cracked, needed a new water pump, etc... They had the truck back to me within the week. Shaun is a great manager- Very friendly, and even offered to come pick me up if it was raining to bring me to the truck when it was done.
I have moved further away from this location but still keep going back. It's tough to find honest, fair, and quality mechanical work, but this location has it all.

Suzuki G.

April, 2012 Local

I had been having progressive trouble w/ my manual transmission (clutch). Although I didn't know it at the time, ...luck would have it that when it became undeniably serious enough for me to exit & limp off the fwy; knowing something was majorly wrong -- that I would find myself here at this AAMCO in Upland.

Being vaguely familiar w/ the area, I stopped first to formulate a plan & to browse local car repair places on my phone. This random AAMCO was 1.5 miles from my location; I had never even known of it's existence, & so based mainly on proximity, I made my way ever-so-slowly w/ my hazards on, creeping along in my poor disabled vehicle.

I must say that I am so glad that I did, & that it turned out that way, because I had the most positive, smooth, uplifting, & excellent 'car-repair experience' that exceeded my expectations from the minute I walked in, to the time days later when I picked up my car & walked out.

The center manager Sal Manzo is who I dealt with, & was so polite, courteous, attentive, & so thorough in his listening to my tale of auto woe & subsequent examination of my car.
I don't know much about car repair at all, but I do know a lot about vibe, & even more about customer service!
Although my clutch was the culprit & I did have to replace it to the tune of $784.00 -- (comparatively priced, as my research showed) -- I was so thankful that all my concerns were addressed, that the place was absolutely immaculate & customer-friendly. -- There weren't any surprise/hidden costs, it was ready when promised, they arranged pick-up w/ Hertz down the street, & I felt like all my concerns & questions were addressed in such an outstanding way, that it put me at total ease! -- & warranted this stellar review!

Bryce A.

September, 2010 Local